Precision, When and Where you need it.

With the world becoming far more accessible, and your business requiring international growth and access, welcome to the perfect GLOBAL COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS.

LS-Localise are totally focused on providing the optimum quality translation and localisation services, and we have now been providing this for over 20 years – in many languages and for any type of website, document or video.

What makes LS-Localise so remarkable?


We are primarily focused on providing the best quality services possible. Our translations are always undertaken by trusted, experienced and fully qualified native speakers, and all of the translations are proofread by another equally proficient native speaker, so all of our clients receive excellent quality translation. Our in-house team have many years of experience producing perfectly localised documents, websites and videos in virtually any language.


LS-Localise will never let you down. We carefully analyse all potential projects and agree a delivery schedule before undertaking the work. We then always comply with the agreed schedule.


If you would like an amicable, honest, speedy and reliable service, a supplier that is open to unexpected changes in schedule or content, then you are our perfect client!


Even though we provide a top level service in terms of quality and reliability, we do not charge top level prices. Ask for a quote – you will not be disappointed!

Linguaset and LS-Localise

LS-Localise is the additional, second name to our company LINGUASET. Linguaset was mainly focussed on translation, and because the other localisation services became very popular we decided to add the company name LS-Localise, the initials LS standing for LinguaSet.